24 Metros de Cinta Mágica NO Auto-Adhesivo del Sujetador de Gancho y Bucle de Cinta de coser Sujetador de ajuste Accesorios de Costura para la casa de bolsa de ropa

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  • Tamaño: 15mm,20mm,25mm,30mm,40mm,50mm
  • Nombre De La Marca: FRFL
  • Característica: Auto-adhesivo
  • Forma: La cinta
  • Material: Poliéster / Nylon
  • Uso: Bolsas

Longitud :24 metros y medio (24 medidor de gancho y 24 metros de bucle)

Pegamento :Sin pegamento se Usa :la Bolsa, Gament, Zapatos,hogar

Etiquetas: gancho de la etiqueta engomada, velctro, plagas de la cinta, rollo de cinta, Nano Cinta, alfombra de cinta, tejido negro drapeado, magic nano cinta, 50 mm hebilla, el gancho de la cinta.


Product is as advertised as the 50mm width works out to right at about 2 Inches in standard measurement. The quality is fine and the tape hooks are quite strong too. This should work very well for many projects now and future projects too. If you need sew-able hook and loop tape, This is an excellent investment to have around. I will not have to shop for this any time soon as I now have a very nice supply of this that should last for a very long time into the future. I feel this was money very well spent. The shipping was quite fast as well as this arrived inside of a month. This product and seller are highly recommended with me! Thanks!